Friday, January 29, 2010

would you pay 5 bucks?

Twice in two days miss Julia has come up with some impressive entrepreneurial ideas. Yesterday she painted at her grandmas. She called me up at work and left me a voicemail, "Hi. It's Julia. I did some painting today and when you get home tonight can we have a yard sale? I want to sell my paintings and make some money."

Good idea, right?

I like it.

Today Julia built a petting zoo. She asked if she could set the petting zoo up outside because she wants to charge everyone, "five bucks" (not dollars, but bucks) to pet the animals. Another brilliant idea, but I really do not want our neighbors to think we are cuckoo so I told her there are zoning laws and wild animals cannot be kept in a residential neighborhood and we might get a ticket...

She didn't buy it. She said, "Mom, they are TOY animals."

Still, there was no outside petting zoo today.

James and I did fork up five bucks each to pet the wild animals, though.

(well not really, we recycled the money, wink. wink.)

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Kristi said...

Hahahaha.....I like.