Friday, February 19, 2010

by the window

Yesterday we spent the afternoon in Santa Monica visiting grandpa after his ankle fusion. They are staying on Ocean Avenue where there is great people watching to be done. The girls and James played across the street at the park, but I was tired so I stayed inside and took in the views from the many windows. Lounge seats are placed under many windows and I was content to use them to the fullest extent. The lighting was great for picture taking.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Laguna Coast Wilderness

The girls and I went on a outing with friends to the Nix Nature Center last Saturday in the Laguna Coast Wilderness. It was a gorgeous day, warm and sunny. First stop was the Nix Nature Center. There was nobody there, which pleasantly surprised me, except a very friendly volunteer...other visitors were out hiking so we explored the center. We saw some art from local plein air painters, mechanical bats, and the girls ground some corn with a stone. A telescope facing the wilderness was also a hit with the girls. A funny sign hung on the wall, "Unattended children will be given an espresso and a puppy." Now that is funny. Julie and I ran over to our children sides right away.

Next we took a small nature hike and then parked ourselves on a picnic bench and the kids played in the dirt and explored for well over an hour. That was my favorite part, just sitting and conversing with my good friend while watching our kids play in the dirt. Just good, "clean" fun.

Hey kids, see that hill over there? Why don't you race up and down it a couple times.

Monday, February 15, 2010

a mother's dream

I have been waiting for this day for a long time. A birthday? A holiday? A vacation day? What day you say? (no I am not trying to rhyme. It just happened. :)

My kids organized their portion of the bookcase today...ALL ON THEIR OWN. I did not suggest it. I never even mentioned it. It was their idea and I was thrilled.

Yes, they dumped all the clean laundry out on my bedroom floor so they could transport the books in the laundry basket, but that is okay. I let it slide. They were being resourceful. They used their noggins and might I just comment on the teamwork involved. I love it. Keep it up girls!

Problem number one? Messy bookcase. Problem number two, how do we transport books? Laundry basket. Brilliant. Okay, maybe brilliant is too much, but they are only 6 and 3 so I am giving them double credit.

Top shelf Julia declared is Serena's. Bottom shelf, Julia's. Serena is fine with that decision.

Now children...can you please go organize your closet?

highland dance competition

Julia had her first highland dance competition at the Queen Mary in Long Beach yesterday. She told me a while back she was a bit nervous, but does a six year old child really get nervous? Not sure. If she was nervous she did not show it. In fact, this little girl has amazing confidence in herself. Last year she was swimming laps as a five year old and keeping up with seven and eight year old kids. Honestly, I think she believe she can do anything which is exactly what I want her to believe. You CAN do anything if you apply yourself and believe you can do it.

Julia looked a bit shy on stage at the start, but after she finished her 16 pas de basques there was no stopping her. She danced all four primary dances, 16 pas de basques, pas de basques and high cuts, fling, and sword dance. Highland dance is a very athletic sport, believe it or not. The stamina these girls have is amazing.

Grandma Sharon and Grandpa Frank came to cheer her on. The competition began a bit early and thankfully James made it there in time.

Julia won 3 medals and each little girl was given a cute Queen Mary bear.

I love these next three candid shots of some of the girls and Julia on stage.

After she was done we toured part of the ship and headed down to the games to watch some bands.

friends checking out the bands

Thursday, February 11, 2010

looking forward to the weekend

We have been seriously busy around here lately with James birthday, valentines day parties and our regular routine. The girls are off school the next four days which I think is fantastic!

This weekend we will be busy with friends and family. On Sunday we will be trekking to Julia's first highland dance competition where she will be jumping and leaping all over the place in her little kilt. More on that later.

Meanwhile, here are some pics from this past week.

We have seen this showdown before...stare at the cake and think "get in my belly". click here.

yummy bagels, cream cheese, lox and the works.

Some really great clouds.

The SC pier during a break in the storm. I love going to the beach when it is raining and stormy.

Shoe shot for Karen. I think this is going to become a habit. It makes us laugh.

Sorry I do not have a single point of focus today, but this is kind of how my week is going. Surprisingly, I am having a great time and am not stressed at all. Peace.

Friday, February 5, 2010

valentines made with love

We are not buying Valentines this year. The girls are making their valentines instead from old cards I have saved and other craft items around the house. The only rules are have fun, use your imagination, and make them from your heart!

Each card is unique and special and I love how the girls have embraced this challenge.

Below is a sampling of each. Julia and Serena put a lot of thought into each card.

Serena cards:

Julia's cards: