Monday, February 15, 2010

highland dance competition

Julia had her first highland dance competition at the Queen Mary in Long Beach yesterday. She told me a while back she was a bit nervous, but does a six year old child really get nervous? Not sure. If she was nervous she did not show it. In fact, this little girl has amazing confidence in herself. Last year she was swimming laps as a five year old and keeping up with seven and eight year old kids. Honestly, I think she believe she can do anything which is exactly what I want her to believe. You CAN do anything if you apply yourself and believe you can do it.

Julia looked a bit shy on stage at the start, but after she finished her 16 pas de basques there was no stopping her. She danced all four primary dances, 16 pas de basques, pas de basques and high cuts, fling, and sword dance. Highland dance is a very athletic sport, believe it or not. The stamina these girls have is amazing.

Grandma Sharon and Grandpa Frank came to cheer her on. The competition began a bit early and thankfully James made it there in time.

Julia won 3 medals and each little girl was given a cute Queen Mary bear.

I love these next three candid shots of some of the girls and Julia on stage.

After she was done we toured part of the ship and headed down to the games to watch some bands.

friends checking out the bands

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