Sunday, August 23, 2009

day at the museum

The girls and I ventured to a nicely air-conditioned museum for some visual stimulation and education. We did the "adult" Bowers museum first where the highlights for me were the 35 rare Rembrandt etchings being shown. I think the girls got a kick out of looking through magnifying glasses at the small etchings.

Next we walked a block over to the Kidseum and the girls had a great time touching and wearing costumes, playing instruments from around the world and wearing some neat masks. Surprisingly, the nesting dolls were a big hit. You would have thought the girls never have seen these before. Maybe since there were so many...

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Thursday, August 20, 2009

good luck and safe travels to my cousins

My cousins will be moving half way across the country from Denver to Albany very soon. I just want to wish you guys good luck and safe travels. Enjoy the wonderful road trip and adventures to come!

Here is a small trip down memory lane, way back when, from last year when we visited you guys.

So kind you were to allow us to stay at your home. I remember your good cooking and the nightly beer tastings, plus your sweet, very loving kitties.

B and K both had looks of worry watching our kids bugging the bunny, Serena opening and closing the front door over and over, climbing up and down all of the stairs (which there are a lot), and I think milk was spilled a few times on the tablecloth. All this a few months before Miss Caroline was born and you must of thought, "OMG." Ha!

Here are some of my favorite pics.

Brian's beer can smoked chicken. Yum.

80 degree weather the first day

snow the next day. Crazy weather!

Estes Park near Rocky Mountain National Park and our cabin


Julia took this pick of James as he was drinking his beer samplers at the Coors Brewery.


wild turkey near our cabin

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

just like home...sort of

Not really like home, but we do some of the same things like eat, play, brush our teeth, and sleep.

Camping. I love it. The girls love it. Our friends love it.

So we went. All of us girls. Girls only

S'mores for dessert. Lucky girls.

donuts for breakfast. Lucky girls.

Monday, August 17, 2009

two parties and the pacific symphony

This weekend was a busy one, but a fun one. Saturday we attended my cousins bridal shower. It was very nice and Alisa truly was glowing. I cannot wait to go to the wedding.

Sunday, the girls and I hung out at my sisters with my cousin Karen visiting from Portland. Pizza, beers, chips and salsa were the fare. Healthy, I know. A rousing game of Guesstures was played.

What were the team names you ask?

The Mamas and the Freedom Loving Non-Mamas. My kids were on the latter and they still won, what?

That evening we walked around the corner to a free concert in the park. Spanish guitars opened and then the Pacific Symphony played. The girls also were able to try many instruments at the beginning. Julia tried every one available. Serena tried none.

Our departure was prompted by me chasing Serena through the crowd. She was smiling, I was not. My sisters thought this was pretty amusing. It reminded me of a scene from the Bad News Bears.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

a first

This week has been crazy. I have accepted a new position at work and will be transferring back to IT to implement hospital CPU interfaces. I can't wait, but I have a major project that I must finish before going back and it has placed a small amount, okay a large amount of pressure on me. To top it off I was called to jury duty at the U.S. Federal Court for a special 6-8 week trial and was to report the same day I start my new job. What timing! Luckily, I found out tonight I was able to successfully postpone my duty until a later date. Phew! All that plus Julia in VBS this week and starting kindergarten in a few weeks, Serena starting preschool, and me with a week left of school. It has been enough to pull my hair out. Not literally, though.

With all of that going on we still managed to have some friends over last Sunday for dinner and Julia was lucky enough to have her friend over for her first sleepover. I wish it did not have to end. It was so much fun for them. Dinner, ice cream, hot cocoa with marshmallows (even on a warm summer night this was requested), Scooby Doo on Zombie Island was the movie of choice, ghost stories, princess stories, and a special little lady bug story were on the agenda. She seriously had so much fun!!! I tried to take some pics, but these girls were not having it. They blocked their faces with innocent little stuffed animals. Too much! I loved it though and so did the girls.

C'mon girls, just one photo.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

girl vs. cake


Yes, it says Happy Biathday.

Girl and cake.

Girl stares at the cake in attempt to hypnotize the cake. Get into my mouth.

Girl takes it from another angle to make sure the cake knows she means business.

Girl gets backup girl to stare at cake.

Staring works. Candles are lit. Birthday girl blows out candles.

Girls 2. Cake 0.

Happy Birthday, Lynn!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

simple day

Park. Friends. Cousins. Beauty. Heat. Simple. Fun.