Thursday, August 13, 2009

a first

This week has been crazy. I have accepted a new position at work and will be transferring back to IT to implement hospital CPU interfaces. I can't wait, but I have a major project that I must finish before going back and it has placed a small amount, okay a large amount of pressure on me. To top it off I was called to jury duty at the U.S. Federal Court for a special 6-8 week trial and was to report the same day I start my new job. What timing! Luckily, I found out tonight I was able to successfully postpone my duty until a later date. Phew! All that plus Julia in VBS this week and starting kindergarten in a few weeks, Serena starting preschool, and me with a week left of school. It has been enough to pull my hair out. Not literally, though.

With all of that going on we still managed to have some friends over last Sunday for dinner and Julia was lucky enough to have her friend over for her first sleepover. I wish it did not have to end. It was so much fun for them. Dinner, ice cream, hot cocoa with marshmallows (even on a warm summer night this was requested), Scooby Doo on Zombie Island was the movie of choice, ghost stories, princess stories, and a special little lady bug story were on the agenda. She seriously had so much fun!!! I tried to take some pics, but these girls were not having it. They blocked their faces with innocent little stuffed animals. Too much! I loved it though and so did the girls.

C'mon girls, just one photo.

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