Monday, August 17, 2009

two parties and the pacific symphony

This weekend was a busy one, but a fun one. Saturday we attended my cousins bridal shower. It was very nice and Alisa truly was glowing. I cannot wait to go to the wedding.

Sunday, the girls and I hung out at my sisters with my cousin Karen visiting from Portland. Pizza, beers, chips and salsa were the fare. Healthy, I know. A rousing game of Guesstures was played.

What were the team names you ask?

The Mamas and the Freedom Loving Non-Mamas. My kids were on the latter and they still won, what?

That evening we walked around the corner to a free concert in the park. Spanish guitars opened and then the Pacific Symphony played. The girls also were able to try many instruments at the beginning. Julia tried every one available. Serena tried none.

Our departure was prompted by me chasing Serena through the crowd. She was smiling, I was not. My sisters thought this was pretty amusing. It reminded me of a scene from the Bad News Bears.

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