Wednesday, April 14, 2010

we love arts and crafts

Who doesn't love to paint and make it your own?

Julia chose a plate this time. Last time she painted a little robot. All this fun happens in a little Ole Hansen house in San Clemente called Fired Up. I love that place. Great owner, great parties, great everything.

At Julia's school they have a kiln and all year she comes home with little pieces of painted, glazed, and fired art. The students each design and paint a tile for their school wall. She has brought home a pretty little carrot for Spring and so many more cute little items.

I like this plate. It is very practical since she can eat on it too. Woo hoo!

before it is glazed and fired

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CaraBee said...

I've done the paint your own pottery a couple of times and really enjoyed it. They make great gifts, too!

Hey, we'd like to feature you at BlogTrotting next Thursday! Can you have a post ready?