Thursday, June 10, 2010

redondo beach - day # 2

We did a lot of walking today. Lori and Julia kept track of our steps with Lori's phone pedometer and 10,000 steps was no problem for our group, even in flip flops. Actually, the flip flops were a problem for the girls so a shoe switch was mandatory at one point.

After breakfast we walked down to the boardwalk and pier. The pier is a horseshoe shaped "endless" pier and has an International boardwalk with unique shops and restaurants. A big fish market was a highlight for us as there were some crazy looking fish. Julia really liked this red snapper.

My mom worked on this pier at a pizza place during her high school years.

Later we headed to the RUHS reunion track meet. My mom bought the girls pom poms to cheer everyone on. An interesting fact, RUHS is the second largest high school campus in California and the third largest in the United States. The campus is huge. The school dates back to 1905 and has a very active alumni association.

After a nap we walked to dinner and then back to the swimming pool to wear the girls out.

beers for the grownups

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