Friday, August 20, 2010

days 5-7 in Portland

Day 5
We very much enjoyed our time in Portland. We took the OHSU tram up to the hillside facility and had a private tour from Miss Karen, herself.

The history and tour is interesting especially the mixture of buildings built in different eras, decades actually, and how the building codes differ. The views from the top were awesome. We could see Mt. Hood and Mt. St. Helens.

Portland is a very green city and even the hospital composts its food scraps and recycles everything.

After, the tour, we headed to grandma and grandpa's hotel for a swim in their pool and then off to the park to let off some steam.

Dinner was at a restaurant call the Screen Door, southern food, where I had some pretty good fried chicken, mashed potatoes, and collard greens.

Day 6
James, the girls, and I drove to Washington Park to visit the World Forestry Center Discovery Museum. Washington Park is HUGE, over 400 acres, and hilly and crowded, but beautiful and a must see. For some reason, again, I thought everyone would take public transportation. The Forestry Center is near the Portland Zoo and parking was a zoo. After quite some time and finding parking a few miles away, we took a shuttle, to the center. The museum is completely hands on and unique.

After the museum I toured the International Rose Garden while James and the girls played at the Rose Garden playground.

In the evening, we headed to music in the park, where we ate, drank, watched the kids run and dance, and enjoyed some music. The night was a perfect Portland summer night and super enjoyable.

Day 7
Our last day. In the morning we took a nice walk around Karen's neighborhood while the girls rode their scooters.

Later in the day, we boarded the max and headed downtown. James was so kind to take the the girls out on the town and Karen and I headed to the adults only, International Beer Fest. The sun was shining and the beer was flowing. I enjoyed spending time with my cousin!

waiting to board the max

Before the beer fest we had lunch at a food cart. This is a must do. Serena had a giant burrito, I had fried rice, Karen had a gyro, and Julia had a hamburger. Excellent!

food cart pod

James took the girls to Finnegan's toy store and Ben and Jerry's for some ice cream.

obligatory shoe shot at the IBF

Thanks to Jaime for our free tickets!

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