Saturday, September 27, 2008

Serena Vida?

I am starting this blog to jot down my thoughts and keep a log of all the happenings in my familys life. I used to write in my kids baby books, but that has seemed to stopped since my time is limited. Time will tell whether I keep this up or not. I tend to start a hobby only to overdo it and stop after a while. I am always on my PC since I pay our bills online and attend school online, so why not do a blog online. It is not like I have the time either. With work full-time, school full-time, soccer (for me) on Thursdays', soccer and school for Julia, church, friends, family, why not add another thing on top of it.

Here is the ironic part, James and I have been trying to come up with ways to simplify our hectic lives. So here I am adding one more thing for me to do. I guess there could be worse things and this does only take a few minutes of my time. Serena Vida? I chose to call my blog site Serena Vida after my youngest daughter. In Latin Serena means serene, calm and in Latin vida means life. So going along with my theme of simplifying it all 'Serene Life' it will be.

Serena - 'Calm, serene'

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Dad said...

Wow so many interesting things going on in your life. Love the name Serena Vida and very appropriate for missy Serena. The digital scrapbooking looks interesting