Sunday, May 17, 2009


We just completed our second mini-camping trip in 3 weeks. I have to say this by far has been the best trip yet. Since the kids have passed the toddler stage and they actually stay in camp the adventure has become easier and more enjoyable. You still need to plan, though. Here are some lessons I have learned with kids:
  • Bring friends along for the ride. Friends of all ages make it more fun for everyone involved.
  • Bring many, many, many snacks. You will need me. A few ideas, string cheese, baby carrots, granola bars, crackers, apples, bananas, chips and guacamole.
  • Bring many changes of clothes. I packed a big plastic bin with all our clothes.
  • Bring bubbles, stickers, crayons, balls, playdoh. You will need it and it breaks up the day.
  • Camp where there is plenty to do. Walk in the morning, play in the water in the afternoons, visit a local nature center, take a hike.
  • Don't give any naps if possible. Wear the kids out so they pass out easily. Trust me, they will!
  • Bring glow sticks and anything else that glows in the dark for fun.
  • Don't stress and have fun!

I asked JPL what her favorite things were about this last trip:

"Playing with Emma" (her friend)
"Telling ghost stories"
"Playing in the ocean"
"Sleeping in the tent"

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Anonymous said...

Nice. Like the lessons learned.