Saturday, May 23, 2009

Disney's Beauty and the Beast. San Juan Hills HS Musical

Julia and I attended this musical at San Juan Hills High School tonight. What a great show! The school was built just a few short years ago and the theater is state of the art. Currently, there are only freshman and sophomores attending the school and it is amazing how talented they are and the engaging show they gave.

Our seats were front row in the middle. I purchased them over a month ago and I am glad I did. Our view was wonderful. There is a sunken orchestra and the kids who played the score were really good. The show started at 7 and and ended at 945. Again, the talent was amazing and it is hard for me to believe the girl who played Belle is only a freshman. Amazing actor and singer she is.

We will go back to see more plays and musicals. That is a fact.

Before the show

Julia and Belle after the show

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