Saturday, June 6, 2009

Hidden Gem in Modjeska Canyon

Today the girls and I met Aunt Lori, Kayli, and our friends at Tucker Wildlife Sanctuary in Modjeska Canyon. A little slice of heaven about 15 minutes from "civilization". It was sprinkling prior to our arrival and again right as we were leaving, but was mostly dry while the girls ran around. Tall oaks and cacti were the highlight for me. Other sightings were birds, turtles, a dry creek bed and a giant taxidermy bear and other local animals in the very kid-friendly visitor center. The little ones, especially loved the microscopes and the different items they were able to view. Future scientists? Maybe. Naturalists? Maybe.
It can be silent and peaceful out in the canyon. I suspect that is when there are not 5 kids running around and me going crazy and raising my voice at my eldest when she would not listen to me. Oh well.
Peace out.


peaceliving said...

Imagine my surprise to click on a reference from my blog stats and find a fellow OC blogger...who's just been exploring my favorite place, Modjeska Canyon, no less! And I see that you follow the Hilts family blog...are you friends with Brian and Kristin? Maybe you grew up with Brian and Karen, living in south county as you do? Anyway, I'm happy to find your blog...I don't think I've seen it before, or if I have it's been a while. So glad you enjoyed Tucker Wildlife Sanctuary!

peaceliving said...

Okay, so I'm commenting twice...but I just saw a few names I recognize in older posts...are you the Hilts' other cousins?! Small blog world, isn't it.

The kids mom said...

To peaceliving:
Hi. Yes, I have been reading your blog since Cozy Living. I am Brian's cousin on Pat's side. I have met you numerous times throughout the years at holidays, birthdays and such. I enjoy your blog especially your photography. I also started reading Tollipop's blog since I read a reference in one of your posts. I love that blog, too. I vicariously craft through you. :) Have a wonderful day!

khilts4 said...

to clarify, "peaceliving" is linny (my dad's younger brothers's middle) and "the kids mom" is traci (my mom's older sister's oldest) that you found each other through the interwebs!!