Wednesday, June 24, 2009

niguel botanical preserve, library, and a very small scooter

The Niguel Botanical Preserve in Laguna Niguel is a fun area to "hike". The kids loved all the stairs and gardens. Great place to visit and free. A playground is next to it so that was a bonus.

The girls signed up for the summer reading at the library today. They earn prizes and will be entered to win Angels baseball tickets. More fun and free once again. I did break down and buy two Disney videos the friends of the library were selling, Alice and Wonderland and Melodytime, 2 bucks a piece. VHS rules. :)

The girls are lucky enough to have parents who do not mind that they ride their scooters in the house. Why not? Our floors are tile so its no big deal. I have informed them they cannot do this at other peoples houses, though. Today I noticed Serena standing on something and walking funny. A closer look brought these pictures below. She was "riding" a mini-scooter. I asked her why and she said, "My other scoota is outside." I guess that makes sense.

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