Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Little house on the prairie?

James and I bought our house 9 years ago and we loved it from the start. All 956 square feet of it. Or is it 976? Either way it is under 1000 sq ft. Then we had kids and our cute, little house became tiny and crowded and messy. I started wishing for a bigger house. A house with a big back yard and a big garage and more bedrooms. How would we ever survive in this cubbyhole of a house?
I have learned that I will always want something different and that is just the way I am. I like change. I also have learned to be flexible and weigh the pros and cons to everything. I am an optimistic person by nature so it really is easy for me to look on the bright side. Therefore, I decided to love my house and tell you why small is wonderful.
  • less space to clean up, more time to play.
  • lower utility bills. This is a huge selling point for me. I like to save where I can and let me tell you our gas bill last month was $29 and our electricity bill was $30. seriously.
  • less furniture and stuff to buy to decorate our home, more money saved. In my life, right now, I am all about less STUFF.
  • home maintenance is so expensive. we have less to maintain. yippee.
  • our family is always together at home.
Our home will always be a work in progress. I continue to be creative, plan and organize new ways to maximize space. This has been a fun, rewarding challenge for me. Our yard is just big enough and we live in a location where there are parks, beaches, hiking trails and more. Sure my kids share a room, but Laura and Mary Ingalls shared a bed and they turned out swell. I am stealing my next quote from my friend Heather, "I don't want my kids to have TOO much privacy." I hear that and I agree.

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