Wednesday, September 9, 2009


My dear 5 year old started kindergarten this week. She loves it just like I knew she would. My social butterfly of a daughter has attended several years of preschool and junior-k last year so this year it not a major transition for her. Her school has about about 70 or so kindergartners, enough for 2 full classes and a combo K/1st grade class. J is in the combo class and I think she will do well. Today was day three and she cannot wait to go tomorrow. What a lucky girl she is to be meeting new friends, meeting and learning from new teachers, and have many new learning experiences!

I say J is lucky because last night I watched a show on PBS called Wide Angle, Education Part 3 and it brought tears to my eyes to learn of the featured children in the show. The kids and their life journeys have been documented for the last six years. The circumstances some of these children live on a daily basis are hard to imagine and it is amazing they are still in a school. One child from Benin, a girl, was selected to get a public education. She is the only one in her family and only a handful of girls even get the chance. She walks 2 hours each way, daily, to her school.

She knows how lucky she is and it is amazing. The other stories, too, were inspirational and emotional.

I really am thankful my kids can experience the public schooling they do and I am doing my best to remind them daily how lucky they are. Happy learning!!

Oh, by the way, how could you not have fun with Mr. Curt Visca as your principal? If you are a local then you know I am speaking of the Curtoon guy. Serious fun! "Elvis"has already left a message on our answering machine to give us the school scoop.

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Anonymous said...

I wish I'd seen that tv special. I just posted about my Jake's first day at kindergarten, too! I'm so thankful for our school, too.