Tuesday, September 29, 2009

i was never a flower girl..

My girls were lucky enough to be asked to be flower girls and this past weekend was the special event. It is evident that each of my kids have their own special, distinct personality and it is interesting to see how the girls react so different in similar situations.

Julia, my social butterfly, just LOVED attending her first wedding and being part of the wedding party. She followed the bride and groom everywhere and Todd and Alisa were so kind to let her do so. When the DJ announced the flower girls at the reception, Julia waved to the guests and whispered to me, "I am a star." Too funny.

Serena on the other hand is shy and at the ripe old age of 2 is a wall flower. There was no dancing for this girl. She did not want to walk down the aisle, she fell in the fetal position at the top of the aisle and refused to have any photos taken by the photographer. Several hours later she finally agreed to photos with the bride and she eventually opened up and ran all over the reception.

The wedding was beautiful and I am so glad for the happy couple. Congrats you two!!

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