Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Day 1 - Lots of driving and Fort Tejon State Park

Day one we drove mostly on California interstate highway from our house to our destination, our friend Carly's house to stay the night.

Our first stop was several hours into our drive at Fort Tejon Historic State Park. I have driven past this park many times and never stopped. James and I are glad we stopped as this park is a great place for a picnic and pit stop.

We toured some adobes from the original fort which was established around 1854 and looked in awe at the 400 year oaks on the property. The history is interesting (the camel experience) and we also enjoyed some much needed exercise.

this little guy was looking for handouts as we ate

A man named Peter Lebec was killed by a grizzly in the area. Someone created a ceramic man and grizzly which details the event visually. Serena loved it. For days after our visit to this park and even at the end of the road trip she would say her favorite part of the trip was the man who was killed by the bear.

Three year old children say the darnedest things.

approx. miles driven - 400
about 7 hours

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