Friday, July 30, 2010

Day 2 - Avenue of the Giants

Our day started in San Jose and then we drove and drove the day away around the bay away from San Fran and connected to the 101 near Novato, CA. Driving the 101 up to Eureka was a treat. The scenery changed from urban to rolling hills with vineyards to slow winding hills through thick forests.

As usual, we made a stop every hour to two hours to stretch and such.

snack in a grocery store parking lot. It was about 80 degrees.

we stopped here for a picnic snack where the temperature was in the high 80's

Next, we drove through Richardson Grove State Park. Hwy. 101 goes right through it. Just beautiful!

I loved seeing the Redwoods. Next time I go I will be there for a week so I can hike all the trails and see some of the super giants in the more remote groves. I also missed Fern Canyon in Redwood National Park (day three). Next time.

I had the hardest time taking pictures in the Redwood Forest. It was so dark!

We stopped and hiked in Humboldt Redwood State Park. It is along the Avenue of the Giants route.

Avenue of the Giants

When we reached Eureka, our next stop, around 6ish the temperature was in the 50's. Of course our kids still wanted to go swimming. And they did.

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