Friday, July 3, 2009

a day in huntington beach with aunt kristi

The girls and I visited Aunt Kristi the other day. We headed to the coldest place on earth...Bolsa Chica State Beach. I am not kidding. How on earth can it be 70 degrees everywhere else except this beach? The wind was blowing fierce. The only way to stay warm was to cover yourself in a blanket and lay low. Other than the freezing cold wind the beach is nice and wide, great sand and not crowded. There is more than enough space to spread out, but again, that is probably because it was FRIGID!. Nonetheless, we had a great time and hung out there for several hours. The girls can have fun anywhere!

Next we headed to Huntington Beach Central Park. This park really is a gem. There are so many neat things to do and if I had a dog I would be in heaven, because this park really caters to the dogs. Again, I am not kidding. Dogs are welcome in the cafes and the cafes even sell dog bones. We did not eat at a cafe this time, but I have taken the girls in the past. Who does not want to eat with the dogs? It is a fun novelty.

We toured the Shipley Nature Center instead. There was no wind and no cold air at the nature center. It was hot instead. About an hour or so was spent hiking the habitat trail, one of a few at the nature center. The girls even found a "secret" hut. Our time spent together was enjoyable and it seemed we were all alone which is always great in crowded southern California.

cottonwood tree

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