Saturday, July 11, 2009

we love parks

Parks are fun. The girls love them and so do I. I prefer some over others. With 2 children I appreciate parks that are a bit more contained so it is easier for me to watch both at the same time. Lately, we have been hitting parks at the beach. The other day we visited this one in Laguna Beach at Aliso Creek. It seriously is the best beach park. The views were gorgeous. I sipped my coffee and reflected while my two little munchkins were able climb, run, and swing to their hearts content.

On another note, I am going to plug my favorite new FREE software, PhotoScape. Lately, I have been working on my antiquated laptop which has a broken cd-rom. I own Photoshop software, but I cannot install it on this old thing and I have not been working on my desktop. So what is one to do when you feel the need to edit photos? Download PhotoScape. I have been using it for a few days and must say it is pretty good for something that costs nothing. It is the poorman's PhotoShop! I do not think it was very hard to figure out how to use at all.

original shot from my camera

after I edited it in PhotoScape

Yes, I made it a bit more saturated, but sometimes I like it that way. I also made it look like a painting which is a bit fun. You need to click on it and enlarge it to see that detail.

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