Sunday, July 12, 2009

night hike

Night hikes really are wonderful and pleasing. Cricket and swallow songs, African bull frog croaks (they are not natives) and a gorgeous sunset made it all worthwhile even though it probably was 90 degrees out when the hike began. We did another night hike several months ago. You can read about the Astronomy Hike here. Both these hikes were FREE and totally worth it.

listening to stories

burnt trees from the Santiago Canyon Fire 2007

bull frog

petting Cowboy

The hike this time was a local lore hike. Stories were told of Juan Flores and his raid on the San Juan Mission, Limestone Canyon and the hanging tree, and so much more. The history of these canyons are fascinating and Julia cannot get enough of this stuff. Serena, too, did really well and hiked pretty much the entire time. I loved touching and smelling the California Sage.

howling like coyotes

Julia's favorite things from this hike in THIS order:

"touching the California king snake"
"hiking to the top of the highest mountain"
"eating s'mores"
"petting Cowboy the turtle"
"howling like coyotes"
"going through the spooky forest"


peaceliving said...

Traci, where do you do these night hikes? It sounds like something we would LOVE! I clicked back in your blog and found the Inside the Outdoors that the program you use?

Traci said...

These hikes really are great! They are through Inside the Outdoors. Great program. The 2 hikes we went on were well organized and fun. The place the hikes take place are in your neck of the woods, Rancho Sonado.It is on Santiago Canyon road past Jackson Ranch. My 5 year old LIVES for the stories they tell.